Thursday October 24, 2019
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We need your help. Only sustained pressure from parents and the community will prevent our children suffering through yet another winter with these toxic heaters.

  • Spread the word to parents at your school and educate them about the dangers of unflued gas heating, and what the department is failing to act on and distribute copies of our flyer in your newsletter.
  • Sign the online petition
  • Have your school  apply to become an official supporter of COUGH.
  • Join the COUGH working group and lend your skills to the campaign.
  • Send a letter in support of our campaign to the P&C Federation, your local politician, the Minister for Education, the Premier, and your local paper. A copy of a proforma letter can be downloaded here .
  • Document the issue: If your child has an absence related to asthma or a respiratory condition (chest cough or croup), please indicate that on the absence note.
  • Write to your school requesting the removal of the heaters and that your child be seated away from the heaters in the interim.

101 school replacement program: Did YOUR school miss out?

Here's a suggested Plan of Action for the P&Cs of the many schools that missed out:

  1. Raise the issue at your next meeting. This is a particularly relevant issue for any asthmatic child and adult because these pollutants have been linked to worsening asthma symptoms.
  2. Make an appointment to visit your local state MP with a small delegation. Ensure they know that NSW is the only state still with these heaters in schools. Find your local MP here:
  3. Ensure any incidents of adverse effects due to heater exposure (coughing, dizziness, nausea, asthmatic attack) are formally raised directly with the school’s principal and the school’s OH&S committee, and ask your principal to forward your complaint to your area’s DET management or Catholic Education Office.
  4. Write about the issue in your school newsletter to inform parents and carers about the issue
  5. Join COUGH’s Facebook page to find out more about the current conversation – join via COUGH’s home page
  6. Suggest GetUp! take this on as a major issue. They will do so if enough people support the campaign suggestion. Click here to vote.


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