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COUGH is working hard to bring attention to the health issues of un-flued gas heating in NSW public schools. We would like to thank various media organisations for helping us bring information and awareness to the NSW public.

Visit our News Archive to see how long and hard we have taken this serious issue of our children's health.

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Another busy couple of days with the Premier and the DET on the back foot.


Eight new articles on the issue.

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It's  been a HUGE week in the media for the COUGH campaign.

With 12 separate items on radio, TV, newspapers and media blogs, including the front page of the Herald.

  1. Asthma Foundation NSW Supports Greens stance on unflued gas heaters
  2. Kids gassed while Keneally govt sits on report
  3. Unflued heaters halted for classrooms
  4. Gas heater installation stopped amid concerns
  5. Report on safety of school heaters kept secret
  6. Health fears hit school heater plan
  7. Teacher's Federation Call to replace unflued gas heaters
  8. Flueless: heater study still a secret
  9. Unsafe heaters must be removed
  10. School health risks
  11. Fri 21 May: Art, School Heaters, Mining Fees & Aboriginal Jockeys
  12. Parents query use of unflued gas heaters
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Sydney Morning Herald May 2, 2010

BUILDINGS being constructed under the federal government's schools stimulus program are riddled with safety hazards, from slippery tiles and toxic carpets to poisonous fumes from unflued heaters.

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